GRASP History

GRASP has been in existence since the early 1970’s and was started by Rebecca Lowry, a school teacher in Great Falls, who was disturbed by the number of children coming to school hungry each day.  It was out of her concern that a steering committee was formed which led to the establishment of the Great Falls Referral and Assistance Service Project (GRASP).  In the beginning, GRASP services were provided by volunteers out of their homes or churches through phone calls.  As the need for our services grew, it became evident that a physical location where clients could come in and complete applications and meet with someone face to face was necessary.  In 2015, the GRASP Crisis Relief Center was opened and the client base has risen at a steady pace since then.


The Great Falls Referral and Assistance Service Project (GRASP) is a 501c-3 organization incorporated in the state of South Carolina.  Through the work of part-time staff and dedicated volunteers, the organization operates as a food pantry and an emergency assistance agency.  The organization has an eleven-member Board of Directors and has a membership at large comprised of twenty-eight church representatives.